“So what’s your story?”

This is question I ask most anytime I meet a new person, whether in a social or business setting. Everybody, every business, has a unique story. But not every person, not every business, knows that story, knows what makes them unique or special. In business and in life, this story – your unique story – is critical to your success. This story will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace of ideas. It will help you grow your brand and be more successful.  

So I created KJB Trending Hospitality to help people find and then tell their unique stories. KJB Trending is my niche public relations, branding and marketing firm that specializes food, travel, lifestyle, hospitality and municipal sectors. 

Our strategy is quite simple: What makes you different or better than everybody else in your business? What’s your story, in other words? Why should people do business with you instead of somebody else? This story is the difference between you and everybody else who competes with you.

Without this unique story, you’re just another business. We help you find and shape your unique story, and then tell this story to the world. 

This strategy is built upon my 25 years in journalist covering major trends in food, travel, culture and urban renewal. I’ve spent all those years finding and shaping unique stories in multiple verticals. 

You may not think you have a story. But I know you do! 

Whether you’re a chef, restaurant, municipality or tourism destination, I’ll help you find your story, shape that story, and tell your unique story to the wider world. This story will help grow your business or improve your community and build a stronger brand.

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